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  1. 08/23/2022 :
    07:02:42: : found an ATB vid to add - wake us when you fixed the rhine and euro or you have that money
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  2. 08/21/2022 :
    15:54:36: : the page is somewhat closer to reality but it needs ph for the alphabet
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  3. 04/23/2022 :
    10:51:34: : the mesh combo from dantesladder ... i know something on steam like that but its not free
    10:50:56: : terresculptor (sadly windos exe only at first sight) as shown by lazy unigine dude seems to have all the Hei-Tek 1 needs , 100% free , so the crApplication roll can go to commodore demo or another thing if someone comes up with it
  4. 04/04/2022 :
    05:12:46: : check, updates only from here
    05:10:22: : check
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    04:46:42: : backup, archive and reset
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en tralala
this site uses one session cookie that stores absolutely nothing but the session id unless you have a registered account, are logged in and actually do stuff that needs remembering during the session, once you leave it should be gone after 10 minutes, there is no third parties so there is no cross-site either
theres no menu loading here atm

thats an .apng actually, yea we never heard of that either, its like a transparent animated gif, what will they come up with next, right ?
les cRapps

  1. -------
    (insert Arnold : "terminated")
    the reason (as if we need one) is THIS(click) : DEMENZUN MEDIA Terresculptor , since it was to generate batches of standard heightmaps to work with on a 500x500tiles map (each 5x5km) we dont think we can do this better (its free too ...) so Hei-Tek lives in the basement and might find itself in the demo-realm later (or not)
    Dantes Ladder
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    (moved to "a routine")
    since we picked up c64 asm after 30 years and wanna do a game64 since unigine will be finished by 2150 with no money this one seems like a nice routine to build objects from poxels, using layered pixart or if somehow the reverse function gets added to destray a unit in the grand-mesh then euh ... minecraft ???
    at any rate : google hit us with a copyright strike and talked to us like kindergarten so we can get rid of it if we attend copyright school
    so we downloaded everything from the account and emptied it. The respective videos for these will be re-upped. (have you ever downloaded 2 terabytes from google ? should do it one day, its hella fun with the "max 4 attempts per file")

  1. -------
    (this is actually kept offline)
    after the great backup of 2022 we found this vid for now, only 2 terabyte or so to go, not that this matters much b/c its not online
    "some kind of" CMS since we couldnt find any for broke bums that suited us to build the world in (the lore, the world, the written 9 billion clay tablets in Tyr-eiform ...)
    its not meant for publication but ofcourse if bill gates fixes the damage he did to crypto or someone pays 300 million (half up front) it could be adapted to website-form since its pure php anyway (no sql - thats just another layer)
and so - we thought we'd at least put the page in working form correct but it needs the "load youtube vid" buttons or crotter will shove cookies up yow-ass. And tralala, YES we understand what sql is for and YES its available on easyhost and YES we use it but thats more b/c its "just 50mb space" that would be empty and it cant hurt but its not rocket science anyway. Our pov since ever since i is we its not about "the guys on the team who cant read" : SQL is another layer through another gateway on another (virtual or not) server. It doesnt pass datatypes by default, unless you use serialized strings, which, like JSON, is COOL for the people on the team who cant read and the guy that comes after you get sacked when you did the groundwork but in the end unless someone demoze it in front of our eyes we have a hard time believing serialized (or not) SQL to PHP is faster than direct filesystem access and custom data structures, that unserialize is faster than explode (we hate to see that women get her way and all types HAVE TO BE defined ... theres something wrong with coders at high level today... plastic in the water ?) or json.decode (other than the massive extra bytevolume over the cables daily on a global scale using all those brackets in brackets) is faster than str.split ...
ofcourse, from a POV of we who was once i and has no people on the team who cant read
and HATES team for that matter ... team is another word for "adjust to the common denominator" ...
but its all great since the world is fixed (just saying ... on the sql bit ... we feel like json its just another performance hog and creative use of resources will be more important than add another terabyte anyway and
im sure satellius and crotter will prove us wrong in 20 years when you can drink from the rhine thats overflowing next to green fields full of fresh carrots and nuclear powerplants :)
and datacenters in space for cooling (sshh, dont give them the idea, they might actually try it , as if its not full enough with razorblades up there)

any subsequent braindamage will not be held responsible for me ...

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